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The Laser GRC Suite comprises a comprehensive portfolio of highly intuitive and intelligent web-based, enterprise-level Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions that enable organizations to leverage technology to efficiently automate GRC procedures, maximize business value and address risk and regulatory challenges with confidence

Developed by Etrends, a leading and trusted provider in the GRC arena, our platforms are intuitive, user-friendly, flexible and easy to implement, and tried and tested by the well-known organizations in India and abroad.

Our automated solutions can be deployed individually or can be integrated seamlessly within a centralized GRC platform. Our solutions help align the various departments of an organization and encourage mutual goals and attitudes to identify, understand, measure and manage key organizational risks at a holistic level.

About Etrends

Etrends is a leading provider offering comprehensive Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management solutions under the brand name – Laser.
We help organizations by efficiently automating the entire process of internal audit and controls, monitoring compliances and addressing enterprise risk proactively through our Laser tools. Transparent and real time status tools give assurance to senior management, and organizations can take charge before minor issues get snowballed into serious liabilities.

To date, we have successfully deployed Laser products across companies of varying sizes and complexities in the business and technology sectors in India, UK, US, North Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

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