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Observations Tracking System - Structured Way to Manage Business

This is the modern era where you can decide to run your business digitally. The manual operations are slowly fading away and soon they will be a thing of the past. Thus, if you are not using software to track your operations, you are stuck to the old-fashioned ways of running a business. We can help you make the much-needed change via our observations tracking system .

It is a real-time system that will also depict the amount of risk you have across the whole organization at any given time. Our software will help you set the controls and risks and demonstrate to you their status all through the day. It works based on the recent, 2013 COSO framework.


Our Laser Internal Controls Manager is the tool that your top management officials can use to succeed in their difficult roles. It reports in real time, and this will enable your senior managers to salvage a situation before it triggers irreparable damage. Also working in tune with the Institute of Internal Auditors, IIA, standards, our tracking software is believable. Its work is to first come up with a depository of risks and control options. Next, it creates an escalation matrix and a self-assessment survey. Then, it monitors the current status of all areas of your firm. Finally, it reports on the operational effectiveness of all yardsticks set across the organizations to the top management.

Ease of use

To improve the way you run your business with our precious toolset, you won’t do much. Do you know why? It is simply because our software tracker offers an idiot-proof dashboard. This dashboard is easy to explore and you can rapidly review the progress of every action plan you have put in place. The status of every approval you have set, whether it is financial, can be seen live via your dashboard. The dashboard exposes the status of all things by location, department, process and subprocess. Our Tool will enhance your Internal Control and Risk Management roles via its flawless performance and intelligent configuration.

Other wonderful features

We offer one of the best systems for running the operations of a business of any size. For instance, our tool enables the user to assign CSAs (Control Self Assessments) to the relevant parties and alert the reviewers. Hence, they can pinpoint all the benchmarks that have failed and act fast.

The observation that one can make via our tool is so accurate and helpful because corrective measures can be set right away. You could come up with the Key, Operational, and Financial controls and monitor all of them via our software application. If some benchmarks have failed, the managers can learn this immediately and set up an action plan and enough time to solve the problem. In short, the tool enables the owners to certify their yardsticks and map them to a function.

There is a central repository section where all the evidence is kept for future retrieval — attachments. As a result, the reviewer can assess all the observations and determine the right action plans. It is also very possible to test-run your points of reference with our good quality software tool. If the Design Effectiveness and Operation Effectiveness yardsticks aren’t going well, auditors can assess why.

If they need to automatically update the status of a pending action plan, our tool will send reminders. Then the managers will be able to complete activities that remain undone for a given number of days.