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Laser GRC - achieving high-quality audits with an internal Audit Management Software

Internal Audit helps to assess the effectiveness of the governance of an organization, potential risks, and the control structure. As you probably are aware, you have plenty on your plate. In most cases, you will need a software to do more and act faster once issues emerge.

Although the available options are in plenty, choosing the right application for the internal audit team is not as easy as it may sound. Fortunately, there is no shortage of audit management software buying guides to help you in your endeavor.

How to evaluate the internal audit management software

  • Benefits of the solutions: will the audit management software India help your team to improve its performance? Will it significantly improve how you work, measure and give comprehensive reports?
  • Audit capabilities: does the software you intend to provide you with the latest toolsets needed to plan your audit, coordination, project delivery, and reporting? Can it blend into your processes and methods?
  • Time to value: After how long will the benefits of using the internal audit management software will you see results? What is the needed resource for a successful deployment and management of this tool?
  • Considerations of the vendor: Can the vendor you intend to hire do as they promise? How is their record of excellence?
Laser GRC

The Laser Auditing Report System is one of the best solutions to your internal audit needs. This application is designed to put you in control of the entire audit lifecycle through systematic, orderly and uniform internal audit management processes.

Being compliant with the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) standard, this online bases IA solution helps you to plan yearly audits, schedule, view audit programs, design work papers, and track every ongoing observation. With the help of the Laser Audit Report System, you will retain all audit files in a single location and easily share them with the audit team, among other relevant departments.

Here is how the LARS can help you and how it ranks high as an audit management software India:
  • Bring the auditing team, management, and the auditees together
  • Facilitates transparency and uniform auditing process for the team at any level organizational level.
  • Provides real-time status for any audit process at any location
  • Generates reports showing any breach of committed dates
  • Provides auditors with central workspace where they can manage all the audit areas that they have been assigned. Rather that scatter the document all over, this application helps keep the audit information in a centralized place.
  • This audit program is designed to create work paper and audit findings.
  • The program is designed to create observations regarding the control, procedure, and policy. It also helps to capture complete details of the observations which include the observation title, details, category, impacts, type, brief observations, and recommendation among others.
  • This internal audit program can create a corrective and preventive recommendation for the improvement for the findings.