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Audit Management Tool- Plan and handle audits with Laser Audit software system

The Software-based internal audit process is extremely important. With software for auditing, your organization can meet its legal compliances and minimize its overall cost. Although there are several options out there, the best of all is Laser GRC internal auditing application. This is the tool that will let your organization reduce its audit cycles, support its personnel and processes and bring value to its stakeholders. Since Laser GRC software is an online-based system, it gives you full control of the entire auditing process.

Equipped with the systematic, restricted and transparent procedure for auditing, the tool simplifies the difficult work done by internal auditors. It provides real-time reports about the status of ongoing audits at all business branches. As a result of its ability to centralize the whole work, Laser GRC internal audit software is all you want. From a central point, you will be able to control audit planning, field work, audit programs and work papers. What’s more, you will effortlessly organize and study data provided by every participant: auditors, management and auditees.

General auditing process

Identify the application or business activity that needs auditing by simply picking one in the audit area of your software. Run a report on the current usage of the chosen application within the company. Analyze this usage report and spot non-usage. Ask your deployment team to get rid of redundant application. Come up with a report showing the application, machine and date of the audit.

Next, analyze the usage report once again, drawing attention to users who have not used the application for more than two months. Collaborate with their supervisors and administrators, asking if their users still need the particular software application. Enter their answers in your audit report noting any reasons for keeping the software. Ask your deployment team to do away with the application that is no longer needed. Analyze your usage report yet again to make sure that users have the right software suite of the application. It could be that a certain user has the full version/suite, but only uses one application they find cheaper to run and maintain.

Ask their team manager whether they are contented with new changes to their suite. Add their answers to your audit report. If non-compliance issues were found, rectify them and if new licenses are needed, obtain them. Find out if the auditing process has brought about some savings before presenting your audit report to the management.

Benefits of using Laser GRC tool

If you want to carry out a quick and error-free internal audit session, choose Laser GRC. As it is an automated tool, everyone in the deployment team will receive updates and reports in real-time. With it, you can expect these merits:

  • The tool will centralize the process, even it out and leave nothing to guesswork.
  • It will unite the whole team of auditors, managers and auditees
  • This software application will provide completion status of any ongoing audits at all areas in real-time.
  • It will provide ageing analysis of every open observation based on the importance of the observation, SBU and department.
  • The audit management system will do its work at all organizations levels.

If you are searching for appropriate auditing software to use internally, select the advanced Laser GRC today. It can audit all areas at once or let you pick the area you wish to audit first.